2017 Australian Mango Season: Matt Palise Talks Mangoes with Ed Phillips on Better Living

The 2017 Australian Mango Season is in full swing! If you happened to be listening to Ed Phillips’s Better Living radio show this afternoon, you might have heard Ed and our Red Rich Fruits Managing Director (and Head Mr KP Mango Aficionado) Matt Palise talking all things Mr KP Mangoes.

Matt and Ed had a great chat about the 2017 mango season, discussing topics including:

  • What mangoes we grow and how,
  • What makes the Northern Territory such a great place to grow them,
  • How our Mr KP Mangoes make it to stores as early as September,
  • His tips for choosing a mango at it’s blissful best in-store,
  • Just why our Mr KP Mangoes are becoming such a favourite amoungst mango aficionados; and more.

Curious to have a listen? Check out Ed’s Better Living Podcast below!