But wait, how can it be Australian mango season already?!

We hang out for it all year: warm summer days by the beach or pool, savouring that naturally sweet and juicy Aussie mango in your hand, bite by blissful bite. They’re a summer fruit, right? Or so people think. So it often comes as a genuine surprise when they discover Australian mango season begins as early as September.

Say what?! But how? Has the season arrived early? Surely it’s done artificially?!

Actually, no.

Australian mango season officially begins in September

Australian mango season officially begins on September first, when the first Mangoes (like Mr KP Kensington Pride Mangoes) begin to ripen in the Northern Territory – and it’s totally natural! To grow beautifully plump and juicy mangoes, mango trees need a period of cooler weather to bring on the flower. They then need consistently high temperatures to develop the fruit. In the Berry Springs region just south of Darwin, where Mr KP Mangoes are grown, overnight temperatures typically drop as low as 5˚C in the cooler months of June and July. This naturally brings on flowering much earlier than other Australian states. By August/September temperatures in Berry Springs average around 37˚C. This addsjust the right amount of colour and sweetness to the fruit, ready for harvest, packing, and transport to supermarkets across Australia.

Mango production follows the hot weather

In comparison, most other Australian states are still battling cold winter weather at this time, and their production cycle begins later as a result. Mango production follows the warmer temperatures across the Northern half of Australia. As each growing region begins to enjoy longer periods of hot weather, their mango development is triggered. It’s this seasonal progression, combined with a range of mango varieties, which leads to greater volumes of mangoes just in time for summer. These factors also mean we can all keep enjoying mangoes from September right through to March!

Savour 100% Australian-grown mangoes while you can!

Keen for some mango sunshine to brighten your day? Naturally sweet and juicy Mr KP Kensington Pride Mangoes are in season now, and they taste like bliss! Look for the blue sticker with the little yellow mango man in a supermarket near you.